Writing Resume Nonfiction

Essays and Articles

“Picking Up the Stitches”
Cup of Comfort for Mothers To Be (Adams Media/F&W)— May 2006

“The Family That Shops Together”
The Kid Turned Out Fine (Adams Media)—May 2006

“A relic of fold-up chairs and flying dirt”
The Christian Science Monitor—September 21, 2005

“Painting Walls”
Ink and Ashes—April 2005

“The Anole Story”
Cup of Comfort for Mothers and Sons­­—April 2005

“My Morning Run is a Moving Meditation”
Newsweek “My Turn” Column—May 3, 2004

“How to Plan a Wedding in Three Weeks”
Drexel Online Journal—April 2004

“Peaked Performance”
Banyan Review—March 2004

“Distractions and Interruptions”
Writer’s Apprentice Magazine—2004

“Incident in the Lunch Buffet Line in Atlantic City”
BREVITY—Creative Nonfiction Online Journal—Fall 2003

“Sick Days”
GeoParent; myria.com

“Darth Vega”
Flashquake—Summer 2003

“A Step in Time”
Biff’s Online Special Life Cycle Issue—Spring 2003

“A Troubling Move Toward Censorship by School Board”
The Washington Post Fairfax Extra—March 28, 2002

“My Closet Museum”
Christian Science Monitor—December 6, 2001
Syndicated in Sacramento Bee,  Nando Times, Beaufort Gazette & Island
Packet Online, December 9, 2001

“Teaching Failure”
The Chronicle Review: The Chronicle of Higher Education—October 12, 2001
Reprinted Community College Week—September 2002
Reprinted Comfusion—April 2003
Reprinted Story House Coffee—September 2003

“A Glimpse of Violence, Copycat Crimes and Moral Values”
Issues—July 2001

“Power Ball: On how a playground game can transform a summer evening”
Washington Flyer Magazine and Travel Guide Washington Insider—July/August 2001

“Word Power”
NAWW (National Association of Women Writers) Writer’s Guide—May 2001
Reprinted Write Time, Write Place—April 2001
Reprinted in Writing Parent—November 2001
Reprinted in Biff’s Creative Currents—February 2003
Reprinted in Write from Home—July 2003

“Hair Fluff”
The Woolly Mammoth—January 2001

“The Name Game”
Parenting Today’s Teen—October 2000

“A Downgraded Policy on Honesty
The Washington Post Style Plus—June 13, 2000
Reprinted as “Truth Be Told” in Parenting Today’s Teen—June 2001