Short Stories

To Have and To Hold Wild Violet April 2006

Suspension originally appeared in So To Speak, reprinted in Frigg Magazine Winter 2005

First Thing in the Morning, Three Candles Journal April 2004;
– nominated for and awarded a Million Writers Award-Notable Online Stories of 2004 by StorySouth

The Girl at the Side of the Road Literary Mama February 2004;
– reprinted in Literary Mama: Reading for the Maternally Inclined, Seal Press January 2006

Fran and Chloe Wild Violet: An Online Quarterly Literary Magazine Winter 2003

Marshfield: A Suburban Fairy Tale originally appeared in Whole Terrain;
 – reprinted in, A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments Summer/Fall 2003

Don’t Bring Me Flowers AbleMuse Spring 2000 [my first published story]

“Happy Like Me” Alsop Review and “”Life is no Fairy Tale” Pierian Springs
– nominated for and awarded a Million Writers Award-Notable Online Stories 0f 2003 by StorySouth