Awards & Accomplishments


Below are some notable moments and recognitions in my writing career.

Award-winning Works

       "The Girl at the Side of the Road" has been chosen by the editors of Literary Mama as one of their best in 2007! This short story was also published in Literary's Mama's print anthology.


       In Februry 2007, I was contacted by an Italian Translator, Chiara Borelli, who emailed me: "I found your short story "Happy like me" on the Octavo Alsop preview website: I think it is really interesting and I would like to translate it for a project I'm carrying out with a team of Italian translator. The project is a kind of anthology of new stories, never translated into Italian and never published in Italy. This is an amazing work we are trying to do, and would like to know if you can give me your authorization to translate it." Of course I did! I sent her the link to my work and she selected "First Thing in the Morning."

        In July 2007 , Chiara emailed me that the translation was complete, adding, "I am really happy, the short-story is really interesting and something different, I love the language and the huge variety of adjectives you used. It is a very rich language, I really enjoyed translating it into Italian."

        Today, September 1, 2007, she emailed me," I can not quite believe it, but I have just received an email in which the organizers of the competition informed me that we are finalists!!! I am so happy and I want to share my happiness with you. The prize-giving ceremony will be held in Lucca on September 29th, and of course I will be there. It would be really fantastic to have you with me, but I understand that there is an ocean between you and me but I hope that you will think about me that day!"

        I will definitely think of Chiara that day! I am thrilled for her and thrilled that she selected my story. The contest is sponsored by the publishing house, Giovane Holden Edizioni. Giovane Holden is the translation into Italian of the book The Catcher in the Rye", which according to Chiara, "seems to be not translatable into Italian and needs to be changed into the name of the protagonist." I don't read Italian, but if you visit the publication's website, you can scroll down to FINALISTI and SEZIONE NARRATIVE - ROMANZO and see BORELLO CHIARA --IN FONDO AD UN AMORE.


"First Thing in the Morning," nominated for storySouth's Million Writers Award, Notable Online Short Story for 2004. Jason Sanford, fiction editor and publisher of storySouth, announced: "Here they are: The top online short stories of 2004 . . . The only criteria used to select these stories was excellence and, as you will see, there is plenty of excellence to be found among online journals and magazines." There were just over 1,200 nominations in all. I am honored and thrilled that my story appears on this list, and that Steve Mueske, Editor of Three Candles, nominated it among all the fine stories that appeared in Three Candles in 2004.


"Smoke," Hayward Fault Line Winner, Doorknobs & Body Paint, Issue 34, May 2004. Guidelines for contest were as follows:
1. Maximum length: 450 words.
2. The sub-theme is: permanent.
3. The setting is: Washington, DC.
4. Within the story, you must use this bit of text: walking around.


"Happy Like Me" awarded Honorable Mention, storySouth's Million Writers Award, Notable Online Short Stories for 2003, as was "Life is No Fairy Tale," (no longer available online). The purpose of the Million Writers Award is to honor and promote the best fiction published in online literary journals and magazines during 2003. Over 600 short stories were nominated for the award, which included nominations from 51 online magazines and journals, whose editors each selected up to three stories they had published in the last year. A thank you to the editors of Alsop Review and Pierian Springs for nominating my work.


"To See the World in a Grain of Sand," First Prize (shared) Prose

Tattoo Highway, A Picture Worth 500 Words contest, August 2003. The editor wrote, " "To See the World" is a lovely, touching piece. I think you''ll agree that the other winner is also excellent work, quite different. The judges simply could not decide between them."


"He Cut Deep," Mary Roberts Rinehard Award in fiction, 1998. This story was published by Drexel Online Journal in July 2001. Both the publication and my story are no longer available online.


"A Temporary Measure," Honorary Mention, Flashquake, March 2002. This short story also was previously awarded second place in So To Speak's Spring 2001 Short Story Contest judged by Susan Vreeland. She wrote, "Dropping us into the middle of a conversation, 'A Temporary Measure' masterfully implies the historical situation and makes us feel the pain of history by virtue of its narrow focus on real individuals, and causes us to ache the final word."


Other Awards & Accomplishments

Virginia Commission for the Arts, 2000/2001 Individual Art Fellowship program for literary artists—finalist.

MFA Creative Writing, Concentration in Fiction, May 2000, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA.

Heritage Writer Award, George Mason University—1998.



Interview, Smoke Long Quarterly, Issue One (September 15, 2003) regarding "A Cautionary Measure."

Interview, Smoke Long Quarterly, Issue Two (December 15, 2003) regarding “Snap Shot.”


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