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Peggy Duffy continues to lead a fascinating, constantly evolving career that is challenging innovative, and inspiring (at least to the writer of this bio).  She has over the course of her adult life filled the roles of (in no particular order) a writer, small business owner, graduate student, illustrator, girl scout troop leader, college instructor, real estate agent, renowned Scrabble opponent, and not least importantly, mother of three. She has provided a shoulder to cry on, an ear to patiently listen, a mouth that wonderfully entertains, and a heart that always reaches out to her family. The stories and works contained within this website can only provide a glimpse of the wonderful person that Peggy Duffy is.

Author Note: The writer of About Peggy Duffy is none other than the talented and creative daughter who also designed this website (see link to original Surprise announcement below). Peggy Duffy also has two other talented and creative children and an extremely smart and encouraging husband who, in addition to being loving and supportive of her writing career, have offered inspiration for many of her short stories and essays.


September 2006 is launched! See original SURPRISE page here.

Here's a few nice things others have said about my work:

Tina Vasquez in her review of The Painted Door Online Magazine, posted January 19, 2008, at Feminist Review has said some incredibly nice things about my work in the December 2007 Issue, where I was the featured writer. Excerpted from her review: "Duffy, whose work I hadn’t read before, seems incredibly capable of picking up on the things in life that pull on your heart strings and then expounding on them until you feel your heart breaking for the characters she has created."

Steven J. McDermott posts a blog entry at Storyglossia called "1980's Redux?" citing my story, "What It is to Say Good-Bye" as a good use of second person


The Running Chick With The Orange Hat wrote on her blog about one of my essays:" Interesting reflection piece on running in Newsweek's May 10, 2004 edition."

Family Stuff

For those who might be so inclined, a link to some family photos including graduation, Christmas, Thanksgiving and beach celebrations, as well as trips and what not can be found here


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